With Susan Ibitz

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Susan Ibitz

Did you ever meet a Human Behavior Hacker? Some people hack computers, SHE hacks humans Susan Ibitz has been hacking people for 27 years, studied with Paul Ekman, David Matsumoto, Negotiation in Harvard amount others. Susan has worked, training and consulting with: Journalist & Producers – Politicians & Political Campaigns – Law Enforcement – Realtors – Lawyers – Market Research – Insurance Fraud – Headhunters – Match Makers – Managers – Medical Field Professionals — Sperm Donor Selection – Couples Compatibilities – Love Life – Sales Team – Job Seekers – Human Resources Professionals – Negotiation – Hospitality – Customer Oriented Services. From love life to building an empire, everyone needs to know how to better communicate, and that is what she does. Susan does more than teach sales, she teaches you how to read your customers and to communicate on the way they need to receive the information. “Taking the platinum rule to the next level” Are you ready? Thanks Susan!

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