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Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever!

New Year. New Decade. New Extraordinary Life.

Join me for three transformative days at Tranquil Peak, my golf villa and retreat center in the suburbs of Las Vegas, where I will give you the personalized attention you need to begin living a higher level of happiness, fulfillment, clarity, confidence, and balance immediately – catapulting you into the New Year and new decade set up for even more success!

It’s Your Time!

A minimal investment of your time is worth the optimal plan for your life!

Will you be one of the 14 participants in attendance?

Only 11 spots remain.

You Have the Power to Create an Extraordinary Life

There is so much life yet to be lived – the ending unplanned. Your life is unwritten – the pen in your hand. Let’s take the time to design the life you truly want to be leading and give you the life you so desire.

What do you want more of your life right now?

Are you feeling burned-out and longing for the drive and motivation you once had in your career or business?

Would you like to reach your full potential or make a bigger difference?

Have you put your passions or purpose on the backburner until your kids go to college, the debt is paid off, or you retire?

Do you lack the time and clarity necessary to identify and pursue your purpose and goals?

Do you crave a healthier, more stimulating, and more positive relationship with a significant other, friend, or colleague? Or, maybe even with yourself?

Do you miss the ambition and enthusiasm to focus on your health and well-being – or being or the athlete you “used to be”?

Are you going through the motions in your life and wondering how to find the fulfillment, happiness, or self-confidence again? Or, for the first time?

Are you more invested in others’ dreams and successes at home and work that you haven’t found the time and clarity to identify what you truly want?

Or, is everything is in your life good right now; yet, you refuse to settle for anything less than remarkable, significant, or the best? And, you’re itching for the next game changing opportunity or to boost your life up a level.

I understand where you are now. And, I’ve worked with tens of thousands of people who have been there as well.

Are you ready to step into your new extraordinary life?

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

Whatever you want to create moving forward and wherever you are in the process of making it happen, you don’t have to do this alone.

Most individuals who try to do it by themselves, give up before on their aspirations before they become reality.

You’re not like most people, because you are here – exploring how to create, lead, and live your best life, leadership, and legacy now!

If you’re looking to get more time back in your life, get farther faster, and create more success in a shorter amount of time, then you’re in the right place!

The Your 2020 Vision Retreat environment caters to high performers, business leaders, industry experts, athletes, musicians, entertainers, and entrepreneurs, by providing a short three-day, in-depth, accelerated format designed to

The 3-day intensive, high-caliber intimate group format provides an accelerated learning and to the was designed and built to support you in achieving success.. Small group, no non-sense, accelerated intense

Imagine yourself as one of only 14 attendees in the retreat. This is one of the most exclusive and convenient ways to partner with me, giving you direct access to the framework and methodology that tens of thousands of people have experienced during my 25 years of leading individuals, teams, and organizations to excellence.

Throughout the three-day intensive private mastermind retreat, I will be shoulder to shoulder with you walking you through the exploration, discovery, and creation of a new all-encompassing plan for your extraordinary life, leadership, and legacy. One that delivers the happiness, fulfillment, clarity, confidence, balance, and success you want most!

I will be here as your resident guide, adviser, and coach to encourage, stretch, and support you as you break through the obstacles that have been holding you back and rise up into your newfound awareness. You’ll receive personalized attention and on-the-spot feedback, ideas, and solutions in order to clarity and expand the breadth of your visions, goals, and actionable next steps.

As a participant, you will be a part of an elite community of high performers, business executives, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs and benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and unique talents shared by fellow contributors. Like you, they are rock stars in their own right and are looking to take the next steps in creating their best lives ever, too! With the small group, the group will be able to go farther in less time.

Let’s partner together on your success to ensure that you get what you want from life!

Break Through What’s Holding You Back

Have You Ever Thought …

“I have all the outward signs of success – but on the inside, I’m unhappy, unfulfilled, and a bit lonely.”

“My vision is clear – but I lack the confidence to out and get it.”

“I put everyone else’s priorities first for so long – and I don’t even know what I want anymore.”

“I want to have a thriving career – and make a difference at the same time.”

“I know I want more in my life – but I don’t where to begin or how to get it.”

“I’ve been on autopilot for so long – I feel like I’ve lost my identity in the process.”

“I know there’s still so much I want to do – but I don’t have the strength or energy I had when I was younger.”

“I spent my whole life climbing the ladder – and now, I’m wondering if the ladder is on the wrong wall.”

“I used to be such an athlete – and look at me now.”

Getting by or surviving isn’t good enough!

During our time together, we will identify the beliefs, fears, and obstacles that are holding you back, and we will face each one of them head on. Together.

No matter what shows up in your life, you’ll be more prepared to take control of your life and use the skills, strategies, and tools in order to take appropriate action, break through, and thrive!

What Do You Want to Change Most in Your Life Right Now – as Though Your Life Depended on IT?
Because IT does!

Leaders mindset

You Connect dreams, desires, and goals

Here’s what you’ll achieve/receive/learn during this powerful three-day experience:

n enhanced sense of self and self-awareness

Understand the importance of your thoughts, beliefs, behavior, and power of choice


By the end of the “My 2020 Vision” Mastermind Retreat you will:

Get in touch with the things you love, that matter

Wherever you are in your life right now is perfectly fine.

Mindset – purposeful growth, abundant, positive

Time – 3 intensive days work through, uninterrupted, flesh out, systematize

New found clarity that will can give you back more time in your life to invest in the things you want, your genius/strengths, / go farther faster

Discover what you want, why it’s important to you, how to take action and move forward to make it happen. Makes everything effective, efficient and productive

Understand how living in alignment with what you want in your life helps you live a healthier life, while creating balance and reducing stress.

Purposefully designed for efficient and effective productive

Go deep

Personalized, face-to-face guidance, support, on-the-spot feedback on the spot
Work through blocks and beliefs


Small time commitment and investment that will exponential growth

Leave with visions for seven different areas of your life and an action plan for success to begin implementing Sunday afternoon as you head home. Take immediate action each day moving forward.

Build-in community of elite

Understand the power of the leader’s mindset

Arrive at the place in your mind, before you will arrive in your life
Shift the paradigm in mindset (your perspective changes, the world changes,

Learn how to release/let go, and break through blocks, obstacles,

Things that keep you stuck – mental and emotional blocks – power to change how you feel about it

How to access the opportunities that are right in front of you. You just don’t see them clearly yet…

Identify and release what’s holding you back.

Give you time back in your life

Knowing you have the power to create an extraordinary life


Self Respect, confidence

The work we do together is transferable to and has value in all area of your life!

Ease and flow

Present – for yourself and others

Be equipped with the “know-how” to avoid the obstacles that previously held you back.

Coach yourself our of fear, uncertainty, and worry and into confidence and empowerment.

Understand why investing in yourself is a selfless act.

Learn to break and overcome generational patterns of behavior choosing to learn effective and productive ways of managing your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors – in your life, relationships (with people and money), and so much more!

My 2020 Vision extends to all area in your life: personal, career/business, finances, relationships, health and well-being,

Your 2020 Vision Private Mastermind Retreat Will Transform Everything!

For the First Time Ever, I’m Offering Private Retreats

Many of you have been asking to experience my work firsthand for years.

Up until now, my work has been limited to private events sponsored by corporations, government entities, and non-profits that have paid to bring me into their organizations to work with private audiences – via keynotes, workshops, trainings, and retreats. On rare occasions, I’ve been a featured speaker at public events hosted by various industry associations. And, in 2012, I gave my “Lead Like a Rock Star” TEDx Talk to 1,500 participants, in Chennai, India.

As I celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary of my company, I have decided to expand my products and services offerings and availability to a wider audience by creating my own line of signature events and digital media. This makes it easier than ever for people throughout the world to experience my work and partner with me on their leadership and success – in every area of their lives.

So, for the first time ever, I’m inviting 14 business and industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers into Tranquil Peak, my home and retreat center. Tranquil Peak. The view!?! The view by day is beautiful. By night is breathtaking. The view is inspiring, motivating, and it awakens creativity. It is boundless, showing us anything is possible. Many dreams, desires, and goals will be claimed here.

Tranquil Peak is a unique environment purposefully arranged to support the comfort, creativity, and space needed for this retreat.

You are among the first guests invited to participate in a small, elite private mastermind retreat with me, in my sanctuary.
In the short time we’ve owned the oasis, my vision has expanded even more!

I want this to be one of the best experiences in your lifetime!

How Long Have You Been Putting
Your Self, Dreams, of Life Aside?
The Wait IS Over!

You’ve been waiting to make something new happen in your life.

The canvas in front of you is blank.

Now is the time. Here is the opportunity. This is the step you’ve been wanting take. Let’s. Do. This.

This is an experience like no other!

Welcome Reception

December 4, 2019 | 5:30PM-7:30PM

Night Under the Stars at Tranquil Peak

Once you cross this line, there is no going back to the way your life was!

  • Welcome night reception
  • Meet your fellow mastermind retreat participants
  • Have fun in a pressure-free and relaxing environment
  • Enjoy

Welcome to Tranquil Peak, my private home and desert oasis. As you began to unwind, relax, and settle into the night on-hand, you’ll be moved by the breathtaking and awe-inspiring views. From the canopy of twinkling stars overhead to the millions of glimmering lights below spanning across the world’s most iconic city to the electricity, sparkling beauty, and neon glow radiating from the Las Vegas Strip. This is the official opening night celebration for all “Your 2020 Vision” participants to get to know a little about one another in a fun, pressure-free, and relaxing environment.

Day 1

December 5, 2019 | 8:30AM-9:00PM

Establishing Your Foundation

This IS the first day of the rest of your life!

  • Energize your day with a light breakfast overlooking the panoramic desert views
  • Awaken your dreams, desires, and goals
  • Discover your life purpose and (DAM)
  • Explore the your passions and unleash your drive, ambition, and motivation
  • Connect to the things you want to do, be, and have in all areas of your life
  • Top off a group dinner

Enjoy the panoramic desert views of the Red Rock Mountain and Mount Charleston, framing the Las Vegas Strip by day. Today is the day you awaken the dreams, desires, and goals that you have tucked away, forgotten about, or didn’t even know you had deep down inside. Explore your passions and reignite your joy, happiness, and spirit. Discover your life purpose to understand your “why” and unleash your drive, ambition, and motivation – your D.A.M. – and propel you forward in the areas most important to you. Connect to the things you want in all areas of your life and understand why they are important to you.

On Day 1, you will establish a baseline for where you are now and lay the foundation to move forward to where you want be in the New Year, the New Decade, and in your New Extraordinary Life, experience a higher level of self-awareness, and learn best practices for self-management and long-term sustainable success.

Day 2

December 6, 2019 | 8:30AM-9:00PM

Creating Your Game Changing Strategy: Clarity. Declare/Claim. Mastermind.

This IS the first day of the rest of your life!

  • Clarify your game changing visions for your life, leadership, and legacy
  • Declare your dreams, desires, and goals
  • Claim your life purpose and (DAM)
  • Mastermind your game changing tapping into the high-caliber experts in the room he your passions and unleash your drive, ambition, and motivation
  • Experience the power of what you’re creating with a special surprise dinner experience

Thoughtful planning

Day 2 combines all of the elements to become a self-directed leader.

Day 3

December 7, 2019 | 8:30AM-9:00PM

Becoming the Best Version of You: Action. Commit. Celebrate.

Who do you get to become in the process moving forward of realizing your best year ever and reaching your game changing vision?

How will you create the environments in your everyday life to support and sustain your growth, developments, and achievements over time?

Celebrate creating a more rewarding life, with your new community.

If you want to be more, do more, and have more, you get to become more in the process. Recognize the joy, happiness, and fulfillment a rewarding life.

Eliminate resistance and embrace resilience
Constant and never-commitment to your
Strength and energy to move forward

All you have to do is TAKE ACTION to fulfill your true potential.