with Kristi Staab and Jane Mitchell

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Kristi Staab

Chief Rock Star Kristi Staab is a transformational leader, trainer, executive coach, motivator, and rocker. She loves leadership and rock ‘n’ roll music from the ‘80s. Driven by her passion to help people from around the globe transform into passionate, purposeful, and positively influential leaders, Kristi shares her innovative and inspiring Lead Like a Rock Star™ approach to discover, hone, and put into action your rock star leader within.

For more than 25 years, Kristi has been developing individuals, teams, and organizations to excellence, integrity, and transformation in the areas of leadership, sales, and success with a straightforward leadership philosophy. It’s what she refers to as, “Put the rock in your role!” Your R-O-L-E!

Jane Mitchell

For more than 15 years, Jane Mitchell’s TV program One on One has given viewers an in-depth look at top sports figures including Hall of Famers Tony Gwynn, Trevor Hoffman, Ted Williams and Junior Seau. Hard to imagine, and rather impressive, considering she was not a sports fan growing up. Her passion for storytelling and vision for what fans might want, not only garnered this genre pioneer a host of fans, but also 28 Emmys – validating the many facets of her on-air and behind the scenes TV career. More than the awards, she is authentic, curious, and bold –  even choosing to be a single mother by having a baby at 50 years young!

Connect with her at Jane Mitchell One On One.