with Divya Parekh

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Divya Parekh

Divya Parekh is an in-Demand Speaker, Business Influencer, #1 International Best Selling Author and International Coach. She has coached thousands across 90 countries to brave their perfectly imperfect individualism and marry it with collectivism for the greater good. Divya is a passionate human being who believes there is an influencer in everyone. She is committed to helping people move through the transformational journey of an expert to authority to becoming a Leading Influencer for the rest of their lives! At the junction of the shifting tides of gender equality and the availability of unprecedented opportunities, Divya will share how to be in alignment with your true self as you embrace and influence the world with grace, audacity, and humility! Finally, she is also just a fascinating person, and we’re all in for a treat today. Her next upcoming book Expert to Influencer talks about a different kind of influence.

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